About Scout

When you steal a dog’s name for your consulting firm, well…things are bound to get a little weird.

Certainly, the word “scout” is appropriate when you’re talking about guiding companies in the use of PR and strategic communications. Dedicated, single-minded, trustworthy, reliable  – they all come to mind when you’re talking about your guide, your partner, your scout.

Using your dog Scout’s name could lead to overdoing the analogy, however, and dog metaphors (like Scout herself) can be hard to resist. We are dogged in our pursuit of PR opportunities, as we sniff out strategies that will make your company top dog…

Will we milk(bone) this to death?

What you should know is that we’re a great partner if you want PR and communications strategies and outcomes that will leave your company in a better place and your brand with higher visibility.

SCOUT was founded in 2010 by Carmelle Druchniak, who relies on a merry band of freelance (read: enthusiastic) designers, photographers, videographers, and social media experts to pull off the near-impossible and leave clients happy and with their communication goals met.

Our too-good-to-be-true list of past and present clients includes food companies (HP Hood, Rustic Crust, Organic Valley, Tabatchnick soups) and non-edible brands and organizations, among them the New England Dairy Promotion Board and the Green Schools National Network.

Thanks to a never-say-die approach to PR challenges, SCOUT has grown into a doggone success (sorry!), with the only downside being the occasional need for a substitute dog-walker.

We’ve scaled new heights (a mid-winter ascent to the top of Mt. Washington via Sno-Cat for pizza client Rustic Crust), engineered a memorable cookie dunk photo op involving an 8-foot tall glass of milk (“Got lotsa milk?”) and we’re planning more PR extravaganzas in the months to come.

What can we do for your brand? Call us. We’ll come running.