Non-profit with a non-budget? PR to the rescue!


Someone recently asked if Scout PR works with non-profits as well as for-profit clients. Yes, indeedy, and the question got us thinking about our experience with both.

For-profit companies want more visibility, more buzz, and they want to connect with customers and influencers. It’s no surprise that the larger the company, the larger the budget to hit those goals. PR can usually be found in the mix with paid advertising, social media campaigns, and marketing initiatives, and it’s a winning formula.

Non-profits have the same goals: more visibility, more buzz, and connecting with their target audience, but without the million-dollar marketing pot.

What to do? A good PR pro can make up for the lack of marketing moola with strategies that often forge more lasting relationships to target audiences, whether clients or donors or the community-at-large. The power of PR is often the cost-effective choice for non-profits who need to promote their brands.

Yes, PR can come to your rescue, non-profits! Are we superheroes? We may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but we’ve pulled off some pretty super-dee-duper feats of derring-do with a not-so-super budget – and without the tights and cape.