Please Excuse the Excuses

5/4/17– To post or not to post...That is the question.

It's been a while since we updated this homepage blog, and frankly, that's the topic this time 'round.

It's all too easy to let too much time pass before we update this baby. You know, creating a message to spotlight our recent PR triumph or present our musings on pretty much anything.

Should we update this dang thing every week? Yup. Can we even manage a monthly post? We should. But try as we might, the task keeps getting pushed down our to-do list.

The fact is, we would rather spend our time ghost-writing an op-ed for a client, or coming up with fun ways to get that food expert on a local morning TV show. Gotta run to meet that dairy farmer, and attend that luncheon with the CEO who's sharing her thoughts on the future of food. And don't forget that pop-up performance space that will help promote a regional arts organization. Yes, we've got lots of great stuff going on -- why screech to a halt and talk about us?

So this post has turned out to be a dog-ate-my-homework kind of post. We're making excuses and we apologize.

And now...back to work.