Back to Basics

3/22/16 – It's easy to forget the pleasures of writing

The peril of doing lots of things is the tendency to forget what you really like to do.

Our clients need blog posts, e-newsletters, press releases, product pitches, crisis strategies, media tipsheets, you name it. And we're happy to oblige.

This week, however, we found ourselves with notes from a recent interview and a simple task: write a profile. In this case, the subject was a law professor. That doesn't sound all that exciting (unless you're another law professor, we suppose), but clearing the mental decks, sitting down and taking the time to write simple, straightforward prose was a real treat.

We didn't write the great American novel or pen a thought-provoking, world-changing think piece, but we did manage to come up with a 600-word snapshot that we think very nicely conveys this professor's commitment to teaching and the law, and why he's worth a read.

We also were reminded that writing is a wonderful thing to do, and if you're 'in the zone,' as was the case in this instance, there's nothing better for the spirit and the soul.